Income Protection Plans

Planning in case of pre-mature Death

Nobody wants to talk about life insurance… until someone dies. At that point, everyone hopes and prays that the loved ones who are left behind will be able to pay for the funeral, payoff the medical bills, and not be burdened with financial hardship from losing income. Will they have to sell the house, take on an extra job, will they be able to pay for college now, or even just be able to stay above water?

Those without life insurance must turn to Go Fund Me pages, family, friends, and their churches for support. There’s no need to put your loved ones in that situation. Put a life insurance plan in place now.

Planning in case of Disability

Apart from having a life insurance plan, having an income plan in place to protect you in the case of disability is crucial to maintaining healthy finances. If you are like most people, your most valuable asset is your ability to earn income. Make sure that you have a way to make sure your income is there for you and for the ones depending on you.

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Planning in case of devastating health care expenses

Unexpected healthcare expenses can be a serious issue. Learn more about Long-Term Care Insurance.